♦St. Lioba Academy is a Christian minority school owned by the trust - St.Lioba Academy, run by the Benedictine Sisters of St. Lioba,Bhopal, M.P, with the motto "Greatness Lies In Truth" ♦St. Lioba academy is dedicated to St. Lioba, the patroness of our congregation ♦ Lioba means “the dear one”, a woman of great sensitivity ♦Her outstanding trait was completeness; completeness in her dedication to God and neighbour with her broad education  ♦Her convents became schools of culture ♦ They were homes of prayer centres, charity ready to meet every human need  ♦St. Lioba Academy is located at Perambra, Thrissur-Dt, Chalakudy-Kodakara Road with CBSE Syllabus and is focused on future leadership  ♦In June of 2013-2014 the Academy opened its doors to few students to Nursery ♦ On 3rd of July 2014 the foundation stone was laid for St.Lioba Academy ♦ On 2nd of April 2016 was the inauguration and blessing of the newly constructed building - St.Lioba Academy ♦